KADUNA: Following series of  failed  promises by Kaduna politicians since the returned of democracy  in 1999  ,  some communities have started sending messages to politician not to bring 2019 campaign to their villages so as not to deceived them again.

The chief of unguwar Jatau , sarki musa Gadani , located at igabi local government of kaduna state north western Nigeria ,says they  are tied of fake promises by  kaduna politicians, and they don’t want to see them bring 2019 campaign to their community.

He stated this when a journalist visited the chief  at the village and interact with other women residing in the area.

He said ,”kaduna politician have fail us because they fail to fulfilled  their campaign promises as they do in 2015, we are tied of them”.

According to the chief of the village, they promise constructing Good road, and provided them  with other many social amenities   which could improved the life of the rural dwellers.

He says,”Politicians do usually  cames to the village during their political campaign and convinced us to vote for them,which we do, but they never come back to see us”

“Once they came into power, they never remembered us till when another political campaign comes again”

He said “am calling on Kaduna politicians not to come to our village again for any political campaign

“we have decided to  stop  participating in any politic ,because  we benefit nothing from it, The God that created us will surely help us one day.

The chief said there was nothing members of the community had not done to persuade both past and present state and local government officials to come to their aid, yet nothing has change.

Due to lack of health center our  pregnant women prefer to giving birth in dry season than in rainy season to avert suffering,

He said ,the only politician that they could listen to in 2019  is senator shehu sani ,because he has done what no any politician in Nigeria has ever done to them,apart from him,they don’t want to see any politician that would bring campaign to their community.

Jummai Gedion is one of the resident in the village, She pointed out that ,since the returned of democracy in 1999 in Nigeria, many politicians have been coming for campaign,  and that  they have been voting different politicians which has never contributed any thing in their lives.

She said ,as for next year general election, we don’t want to see any politician in our community,this is simply because they have done nothing to improved lives of women and children in the community

Jummai also note that, the same promises kaduna politicians made to the neighbouring villages

She concluded by saying,lack of good water, Road, and skill aquisation programmed to the youth and women in the village remain one of the key challenges disturbed elders in the community


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