Kaduna  ….The team of the 10 professional  medical experts  which included Dentist and other  medical practioners  was headed by Maryam Abubakar ,the managing  director of Fatimah clinic and maternity in kaduna ,North western Nigeria.

Maryam who is also the founder of a non governmental organization “women- for -women” offered free dental services to over  100 drug addicts and mentally challenged persons at the Nigga Rehabilitation Centre in Kaduna which according to her, the gesture was to mark the world oral Day through free dental services to the inmates .

The Chairperson of the organization said Oral diseases, such as tooth decay and gum disease, are widespread and preventable, Through proper self-care, regular dental check-ups and managing risk factors,

Abubakar said that because the patients in the rehabilitation centre do not have the privilege to go out at will that was why the NGO decided to take the medical mission to the place for free dental services  ,in other to provide humanitarian service.

Adding that World Oral Health Day (WOHD) is an opportunity to coordinate global and national efforts and to work together to make as much noise as possible on and around 20 March ,which is targed toward educating, enlightening the public on the importance of preventing teeth related diseases

According to her, among services  rendered to the patients are scaling, polishing, filling and removal of decayed tooth.

She encouraged the patients to take good care of their health in order to live healthy and long lives.

“When you are physically fit and free to go home, you should not go back to the lifestyle that brought you to be at the rehabilitation center,” Abubakar said.

She further says that , Oral health professionals have an important role to play in addressing the oral disease burden and helping their communities to be protected against all forms of diseases associated the teeths and the general mouth sourrounding.

Additionally,the team is planning to take world oral day campaign to home of physically challenged persons,so as to also educate them on various ways to protect their teeth against all forms of diseases,

While calling on other Health NGO,CSOs, ministry of health and various school of health science to be offering free medical services to less-privilaged person in the society

Contributing, Malam Lawal Maduru, the Founder of the rehabilitation centre, thanked the organisationn for coming to offer free dental services to the inmates.

Maduru said that the celebration of the World Oral Day was very important because it emphasises the need to give attention to the dental hygiene.

One of the beneficiaries, Aminu Usman, thanked the NGO for recognising them as members of the society and encouraged them to continue with the good gesture.

world oral day is usually celebrated every 20th of march annually.


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