Deputy County Director, Mr. Tunde Ojei of save the children,giving his remark at the two days, Advocacy Tools Development Workshop held at hotel seventeen, kaduna

Journalists, CSO and health workers at the save the children Advocacy Tools Development workshop, held at hotel seventeen, kaduna
Deputy Country Director, save the children, Mr. Tunde Okei has appealed to the media, CSO and health workers in kaduna state to emphasis more on child’s Right Advocacy in the Country.

He made this appealed during a two days save the children Advocacy Tools Development workshop with the media, Civil Society Organization (CSO) and health workers in kaduna state, which was held at hotel seventeen, kaduna, said every child has the right to live and not die.

Mr. Tunde Ojei said all hands must be on deck to save the children from abuses, have access to education and also ensure that health facilities are in right shape.

According to him, “i must commend all participants for their commitment, this capacity building is For health workers, CSO and the media, we should all have our hands on decks, every child must have access to education, protected from abuse, our health facilities must be in Right shape, the Right of children must be something we take seriously, we should make sure every child lives and do not die, we also appealed to other people to support the child”,

He said that the save the children started years 2001, in Kaduna, and currently have their footprints in twenty one states but presently in eleven states.

He also disclosed that the “save the children has organized various programs throughout the country, we’ve done a lot of education and work with relevant government agencies, said he


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