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Tukur &Tukur Foundation (TTF) is a Charitable, a
Nonprofit and a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) over seen by a
Board of Trustees managed and administered by a small team of dedicated
Staff. Founded in 2014, Registered on the 18th September, 2018, with
Registration Number CAC/IT.NO117948. It is an initiative aimed at giving
support to the vulnerable members of the society like women, children,
widows, orphans and elderly people, especially those with physical
The aims and objectives of Tukur & Tukur
Foundation are:
a. Provision of medical outreach and humanitarian intervention in
Nigerian whenever the need for humanitarian assistance arises.
b. Provision of free educational materials to assist in educational
development of the needy and underprivileged members of the
c. Provision of assistive devices such as wheel Chairs and
crutches to aid the movement of the vulnerable, elderly and under
privileged members of the society most especially those with
physical disabilities.
d. To provide succor to the vulnerable, elderly and under
privileged members of the society more especially those with physical
e. Provision of religious books to assist in spiritual upliftment.
f. Provision of free eye screening and cataract surgery where
those with eye problems and cataract surgery are treated and operated.
g. To create awareness in health issues and health care services.
TTF carries out its Humanitarian Interventions all
over Nigeria whenever the need arises, it has its motto as “Touching Lives”
this is carried out through the provision of succor to the vulnerable, under
privileged members and elderly of the society particularly those that are
physically challenged through medical outreach where they receive
treatment for minor ailments and are given drugs for free. TTF carries out
free “Eye Screening and Cataract Surgery”. In the eye screening exercise
the eyes will be properly screened where minor eye problems are treated
with drugs, eye drops/ointments and reading glasses are issued free, it also
conducts cataract surgery for free. It gives out assistive devices that assist
the movement of those with physical disabilities to carry out their daily
activities e.g. wheelchairs and crutches. It equally gives out educational
materials such as school uniforms text books, math sets, rulers, drawing
books, smaller and higher education exercise note books, school bags,
eraser, sharpeners HB, 2B and colour pencils, this is to assist in educational
development. TTF also gives out religious books for spiritual upliftment.
Aim is to become a leading local and international NGO in
responding to the needs of the vulnerable, needy and less privileged
members of the society most especially those with physical disabilities.